Zlarna Vitaro

Eldar Faseer


WS BS S T W I A LD Sv Points Value
5 5 3 3 3 5 1 10 4++ 105
Warlord Trait: Conqueror of Cites
Unit type: Infantry (Character)
Wargear: Rune armour, Shuriken pistol, Singing Spear, Ghosthelm
Special Rules: Ancient Doom, Battle Focus, Fleet, Indenpendent Character, Psyker(Mastery lvl 3)


It final happen, he hade stop hoping for this. He hade been putt too a lot of smaal mision by the Court of the Young King ever since he had that little mistake. Yes yes it wassen like he ditten know that the Space Marine Fleet Commador was some kinde of importen animal. And he hade the mission to advis him too savety, but really no one can blame him not for trying. Thies animals just too dumb too give advis and it was just luck that he him self ditten die too the foolishness of that Fleet Commador. But now it hade happen Court of the Young King had seen his way and need his skills too gett the planet Pontifex under Eldar ruling. All he needed too do is gett rid of all these lesser races who is trying too occupy the territories with military forces.

Its will be all too easy—-

Zlarna Vitaro

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