Elano Xenala

Eldar Autarch


WS BS S T W I A LD Sv Points Value
6 6 3 3 3 6 3 10 3+/4++ 155
Warlord Trait: Seer of the Shifting Vector
Unit type: Infantry
Wargear: Heavy Aspect armour,Forceshield, Shuriken pistol, Haywire and Plasma grenades, Banshee mask, Swooping hawk wings, Fusion gun, Power axe, Mantle of the Lauging God
Special Rules: Ancient Doom, Battle Focus, Fleet, The Path of Strategy, (Hit & Run, Shrouded, Stealth and re-roll failed cover saves. Gaines from Mantle of the Lauging God)


Every few decades, the Harlequins converge upon a particular craftword, in search of a champion who will bear the Mantle of the Laughing God in pursuance of some dire task. Whilst she bears the Mantle, the champion will surely walk in dark and perilous places, but she will do so alone – the Laughing God was ever sentimental of his followers, and watches with keen interest those who do him honour.

She remenber the old times whit her unit The Hawks of SwordWind, It was so easy back, then just slay the sheeps who looked for truoble, thinking we just lets them shettle where ever the whanted too. It ditten matter whether they are men, fish, orges or marines of all kinds they are dead now killed like sheeps…….

Her famlie pulled her out of her unit too “take care of more importen matters, so she can lead the housĀ“s army too vitory”. She ditten like the upper class politics and the power too send her own people too there doom just so she can gain power. There most be a oather way….there had too

It stared 6 weeks after the ball where the Harlequins danced, she seem too take more likings too the dark places around the home and estate. And it was like some one alway was laughing is the back of her head from time too time. And her interest only was too the craftworld Pontifex and the Sheeps who was trying too extended right to take up residence in the craftworld. And all throu she ditten have the house army too follow her, she will be in the WAR

Elano Xenala

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