Space Wolves

640px grey hunters space wolves by escudero

From the icy wastes of Fenris, comes the Vlka Fenryka, more commonly known as the Space Wolves.
The Space Wolves are one of the oldest chapters in the imperium, originating from the legion of the same name. The warriors of Fenris are known for their brutality and cold efficiency, and it is not unheard of, for Imperial Guard Commanders to regret their decision to summon astartes support once they hear which chapter is inbound for assistance.

Comprised of twelve great companies, most numbering around a thousand members, this chapter of astartes is possibly the largest of all space marine chapters.
Each great company is led by a Wolf Lord, each a living legend in his own right. Though they answer to the Great Wolf Logan Grimnar, the great companies are all autonomous organs, cutting it’s own path through the galaxy.

Wolf Lord Harald Deathwolf has entered the Pontifex system in response to a growing number of sightings of cultists and warp spawn in the vicinity. The Wolf Lord has brought everything he needs to wage war on the foul heretics, and on any xenos or otherwise, that would get in his way. With him are several squads of Grey Hunters and Long Fangs, and their mighty engines of war. Within the deepest recesses of the mighty warships stands the ancient dreadnought, dreaming their dreams of glories to come. Even a small contingent of astartes from the Blood Angels chapter have joined the wolves in this most important of endeavours.


Space Wolves

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