The Pontifex Campaign

Will of the Gods
1750 points Tau vs Chaos Space Marines

The smoke was dispersing, although the sun had yet to rise. Huge bonfires had burned throughout the night and Shaz’ue had difficulty in understanding the foe approaching him. He had fought alongside the humans of the Imperium before and even stood his ground against an astartes assault when they had been foes, but these space marines were different. Skulls hanging from their armour, lightning painted unto them, screams of an unnatural source that haunted his brave warriors’ sleep and the clattering of engines of war powered by unnatural sources.

Today, his band would meet an enemy that they had never faced before.

Arrayed for battle the Tau had dug in and expected the worst resistance. Shaz’ue would remain behind his own lines and strike at the enemy like a viper. Fast and deadly, he would land at his enemy’s rear and destroy their machines.

Tau deployment

Shaz’ue’s fears were confirmed when he saw the enemy arrayed for battle. Unknown entities stalked the right flank and the left flank was covered in dark monstrosities of metal and flesh, bound devils of varying sizes and with heavy weaponry of an older origin than his own race. Towering in the middle stood the leader of the demonic host. Covered in an unnatural darkness and surrounded by a squad of hulking astartes clad in the infamous tactical dreadnought armour and bearing unholy sigils of corruption and plague, the pestilent lord of the Chaos Space Marines bellowed a challenge that could be heard across the lenght of battlefield, daring Shaz’ue to a showdown in melee.
“I, Superabimus Exultant, will feast upon your bones. Xenos have feared me for millenia and even while in service of the false emperor, I slew thousands of your ilk. Meet me in battle and perish.”
All of the Tau quivered with fear and the lack of their commander did nothing to dispel the sense of doom that permeated their ranks.

Csm deployment

Before the vehicles and warriors of the xenos had been given a chance to open fire, the enemy let loose hounds of war and already half the distance to the gunline had been covered. The sun had not yet risen but the shooting of the Tau was not severely hampered by this, as all of their battle suits incorporated night vision and the targeting matrix was not hampered by any interference from magnetic sources.

Let slip the hounds of war

Tank commander Longstrike sruck out with the aid of his hammerhead, but the mighty gun only succeeded in glancing the armoured hull of the helbrute closest to his position. The helbrute responded in kind by crossing the field in a furious charge and bounded with unnatural lightness. The armoured charge on the left flank of the Tau would soon be upon them, much to the dismay of the fire warriors that did not carry any weapons of sufficient strength to counter an armoured walker.

Soon the daemonic war engines would reach the Tau line and only the strike of the Tau commander held any real hope of disabling them.

Lascannon shots and accelerated ammunition alike, did not draw first blood in this battle, but the elite broadsides managed to halt the single forge fiend that was advancing in support of the chaos advances’ left flank. A single shot forcefully entered the maw of the forge fiend and in a blaze of warpflame it blew up.

Shaz’ue was still biding his time, but the margin for error was small in this battle. The unholy war machines were surely closing the distance and the inability of the Tau weaponry to penetrate the warded armour of the daemon engines could prove fatal. Fire warriors were more reliable, however, and with guided strikes, their fire decimated both the slavering hounds and the raptors, who were supported by a sorcerer growing wings directly through his power armour.

Charge of the Helbrutes
Assault of the walkers

With a roar of defiance, a silent figure emerged on the morning sky, the sun at it’s back and spewing fire on the unfortunate path finders hiding on a roof top. Seven died in the horrible flames and the interceptor fire of both Riptide and Broadsides did nothing to penetrate the steel reinforced scales of the warp dragon.

On the other flank, the two smaller walkers engaged the fire warriors, who were isolated on the far left flank, and the supporting fire of Longstrike did nothing to deter the ferocious charge of the entombed astartes. Screams that threatened to deafen the remaining warriors forced a withdrawal from battle, as the towering behemoths slashed and ripped apart the fortified line. The fire warriors attempted to run from the onslaught, but to no avail. The brutes forcefully ran the few survivors to the ground and now the prize was in sight. Longstrike’s hammerhead was in range and soon he would meet his fate at the clawed hand of a Helbrute.

Shaz ue s landing

Shaz’ue struck at this moment, but his jump was mistimed. Landing in front of the main infantry line of the Chaos advance his fusion blasters were all but effective, only cutting down a single astartes. His brothers did not care. With crazed screams of blood and mayhem they continued their advance and although the combined overwatch fire of the remaining path finders, fire warriors and the crisis suit bodyguard of Shaz’ue destroyed a single of the lumbering terminators, the power armour-clad astartes made contact. Overcome by fear and the certainty of death, Shaz’ue lashed out in panic, failing to connect to the dark champion, who had roared a challenge. Around him, his bodyguard was being hacked apart by the astartes and the dying screams of his last bodyguard was simply to much for the panic-stricken commander, who abandoned the remainder of his strike force to the will of the dark gods. Little did he notice of the rest of the battle hiding in a nearby shelter, as the forces of Chaos slaughtered his remaining force and an unspeakable stench rose from the burning bodies of the captured and the dead.

Two days after the battle, the chanting of the astartes had subsumed and Shaz’ue finally dared emerge from his shelter. As he crept out in the dusk of Pyranthax, he saw an armoured figure in front of him.

“I may have died in the battle, but the gods saw it fit that I should bring you to my hell at the throne of Nurgle. The rest of my life shall be spent in the gaze of my loving god, but you, you will be forever locked in an inescapable hell, where daemons shall tear you apart and desolation shall rid you of your sanity.”
A smile crossed the lips of Superabimus, as his powered gauntlet ripped through the delicate machinery of Shaz’ue’s iridium suit. Struggling against the force of his adversary, Shaz’ue was unable to break the hold of the Chaos Lord and resigned to a fate worse than death at the hands of the unclean servants of the plague god.

Battle for Spamburger Hill
2000 pts Chaos vs 2000 pts Space Wolves & Deathwing

From either side of Spamburger Hill the opponents were slowly gathering, one side held the Emperor’s faithful, coming to purge life from all xenos and heretics alike, while the other side held the infernal followers of the Dark Gods, coming to bend all life to their will.


Chaos Turn 1:
The Chaos Lord and his two squads of bikers surged toward the Imperial lines, while the heavier weapons opened fire at everything in sight, most notably the daemon possessed Vindicator scoring a direct (although) lucky hit on an Imperial squad of Long Fangs decimating them thoroughly.

Long fangs hit badly

Imperial Turn 1:
While the Deathwing Terminators on the ground stormed forward to meet the enemy head on, a squad of Grey Hunters drop podded in behind enemy lines, charged out and emptied their weapons unto the enemy Vindicator reducing it to a schorched crater of debris, scoring first blood in the process. The missile armed Long Fangs had no such luck as the enemy Land Raider barely seemed to notice their barrage. The Predator scored a glancing blow against the enemy Defiler.

Chaos Turn 2:
The two Rhinos let out their cargo of infernal followers, a squad of Noise Marines and a squad of Plague Marines, which immediately opened fire on the nearby grey hunters, killing everyone except a single survivor. The Daemon Prince landed and rushed Master Belial and his squad of terminators. At the same time the Chaos Lord charged them, entering an epic frenzied battle. The daemonic possessed Land Raider howls in frustration as its lascannon again seem to do no real damage to its target, a Razorback armed with a deadly twin-linked assault cannon.

Belials stand

Imperial Turn 2:
Seeing it as the only remaining sensible option, the lone survivor from the drop pod squad charged forward with his chain sword, into the noise marines, to make his last account a great one.
The krak missiles of the Long Fangs still could not penetrate the reinforced armour of the cursed Land Raider. The Predator that was previously guarding the advance of Master Belial, opened fire on the Defiler, but only scored glancing hits on the Daemon Engine. The mighty Deathwing Dreadnought charged the bikers on it’s flank, claiming it’s first kills.

What odds

Chaos Turn 3:
Belial was under assault by both the Daemon Prince and the Chaos Lord and, in the end, the battle was won by the Plague Lord. Blood dripping of the oozing blade, he continued to slay two more of the elite Deathwing. The Daemon Prince finished of the remaining Terminator. The plague marines saddled up and made haste to secure the hilltop, whilst the noise marines had no choice but to deal with the lone survivor. The Land Raider opened up, spewing forth a squad of Khorne berzerkers, the immediately charged the Dreadnought

Imperial Turn 3:
The Deathwing assault ended in a failure as they were given the wrong coordinates and landed far off from their intended objective. The lone drop pod survivor kept on fighting for his life, but doing no real damage against the overwhelming odds. The Predator unloaded all its weapons on the chaos lord, which was right in front of it, but he shrugged it all off without even breaking a sweat.

Chaos Turn 4:
The plague marines disembarked their Rhino at the base of the hill, charging upwards to claim the objective. The Land Raider continued to wreak havoc on the armoured vehicles of the Imperium. Destroying another Razorback APC, the daemon infested war machine was a decisive blow to the Imperium, unable to be hurt by the sustained missile barrage of the Long Fangs. The Noise Marines sonic weapons proved ineffective against the tactical dreadnought armour of the Deathwing. The Chaos Lord, still in the throes of battle frenzy leapt upon the last Remaining Long Fangs, wielding heavy bolters, slaying every last man.

Imperial Turn 4
In the nick of time, the Wolf guard Battle leader and his squad of Grey Hunters arrives in a drop pod at the foot of Spamburger Hill, denying the Defiler it’s view over the hill.
The Razorback aimed its twin-linked assaultcannon at the Chaos Lord, he met his gruesome end at the point of twelve smokings barrels. At the same time The predator Aimed its autocannon at the Daemon Prince blasting away what remained of it from the face of the world. The Long Fangs, far away from the hill with their missile launchers, let loose and decimated the plague marines on the hill.

Chaos Turn 5:
All the units surrounding the hill charged the Battle leader and his men, doing great damage, the champion from the Khorne Berzerkers challenged the mighty Battle Leader, but lost his life in doing so. The Defiler charged into the frenzy hoping for an easy kill, but negligence on it´s behalf, cost it dearly. The nearby Space Wolves wulfen countercharged the Defiler, and ripped the already damaged defiler completely apart.

Den tager jeg drenge

Imperial Turn 5:
The Battle Leader took the life of the remaining Berzerkers, save one “fortunate” soul. And the Long Fangs let their missiles fly on the Noise marines approaching the hill, doing great damage. From the nearby building approached the Deathwing Terminators that had been inside, making haste towards the hill to take part in the glorious carnage on it’s top.

Chaos Turn 6:
The last Biker went head on with the Battle Leader, but without any luck. and the noise marines strode onwards toward the hill. The Land Raider aimed its Lascannons at the remaining Rhino, blasting it to cinders.

Imperial Turn 6:
On top of the hill, the Battle leader took the life of the last enemy around him, the Khorne Berzerker that had previously eluded him. While from the other end of the battle a barrage of missiles further decimated the noise marines.

King of the hill

As the smoke cleared from the battlefield, a fearsome howl could be heard for miles around. The remaining wolves all turned back their heads, howling their victory over the debris filled landscape. the Imperial forces had won a small victory. However, it was not without costs. The mortal wounds recieved by Master Belial are still under treatment by the master chirurgeons of the strike force, and the destruction of several vehicles will be felt until reinforcements arrive. However, despite the losses, this day would be remembered for the perseverance shown by the mighty space marines against the archenemy.

The Orks arrive
orks vs Dark Eldar

Orks VS. Dark Eldar 2000 pts (GF regler)

Turn 1
The orks position their troops, while the Killkannon and Deffguns coverfire gives the dark eldar a hard time, scoring several glancing hits. The kans and boys proved that, giving a rokkit to Killa kans or orks (BS2), dosn´t necessary make it dangerous :)
The Dark Eldar positioned thier troops delivering rather ineffective fire towards the orks.

turn 2
A lot of moving and shooting :)
The most remarkable thing happening was when 10 Dark Eldar embarked a building… not realizing the Battlewagon with 9 Burnas, was going to make the building an unhealthy place to bee.
Besides that, the Dark Eldar successfully placed their portal, and summoned a humongolus and lots of jet bikes, who would make short process of the orks.
The Dark Eldar plane zoomed over the field bringing death to the ork killkannon Battlewagon, and thereby the cover for 7 lootas :(

turn 3
More shooting and moving
The ork Dakkajet roamed the sky dogfighting the Dark Eldar to 1 hp, making it run for cover afterwards. The ork lootas bringing more death to Dark Eldar transporters, sadly beeing the only effective part of the ork wave.

Turn 4
The ork Warboss charged onto a Dark Elar tank, sending it to the ground, pounding it to an exploding wreck, killing several Dark Eldars on board, and some surrounding orks. This action costed his life when the Dark Eldar had the chance to return the favor, with fire…
Dark Eldar otherwise using their turn balancing a dice… very unique party trick, but a hard way to roll a 6

Turn 5
Not many orks back, but among the ones left, 8 burnas was ready to end the witches misery :) Although this turn cleaned up more orks than Dark Eldar. A quick dogfight though, took out the Dark Eldar jet, leaving the sky for the orks to roam.

Turn 6
The draw
We decided this to have been a great practice game ending 3-3 in victory points

An Uneasy Alliance
Chaos vs Dark Eldar & Space Wolves 1600 points

01 tur 1 sw

Turn 1.

The Space Wolves assault by drop pod with a squad of Grey Hunters and a Wolf Guard Terminator and in a lucky and forgetful strike, disable the Nurgle Sorcerer attached to the raptor squad, causing 3 wounds, all inv. saves fail and Look Out Sir is forgotten.

Worry not. He will return to see action again. The Raptors also charge bravely in and the Grey Hunter squad is reduced to a mere 2 members as concentrated fire from a space marine squad and the Raptors down the Wolf Guard Terminator and 2 Grey Hunters, and the subsequent charge kill a single Hunter.

The rest of the turn is pretty uneventful, as the range in darkness is considerably lower for the Chaos Space Marines and the Space Wolves.

02 tur 1 chaos

03 tur 2 sw

Turn 2.

The fragile alliance starts to consolidate its advantage as all reserves move unto the battlefield. The Raptors and the remaining Grey Hunters battlle it out, but with the Wulfen Hunter on the prowl, he destroys the Raptors with 12 attacks against the 3 Raptors remaining. They lose another member of their squad and lose the combat with the enraged Wulfen. (Foul heresy to allow such mutations within the Imperium.)
04 tur 2 de
Jet Bikes and Skimmer Transporters are a welcome sight as the Space Wolves are meeting heavy resistance from the Predator Tank and his attached squad of Havocs. They fail to do any damage to the Chaos Panzer however, and the return fire is narrowly dodged as both las cannon sponsons seek contact.

The Havocs fare better as they down a raider, holding the Warlord Archon and kill several of his bodyguard of Wyches.

05 tur 2 chaos

The Reapers also gain their reinforcements, all of them deep striking. The Lord of Chaos Undivided should probably have brought a whip instead of his two handed Daemon Sword, since his terminator squad wasted their shots with both a combimelta and a reaper autocannnon, only causing a single glancing wound. A Greater Daemon of Khorne and 6 Lesser Daemons arrive in front of the main Space Wolf advance, but the assault grinds to a halt, as the Greater Daemon is unable to make contact with his charge.

Turn 3.

The Dark Eldar swiftly take advantage of the failed charge and assault survivors of the Chaos Marine squad holding the right flank with a unit of Wracks. The resultant consolidation move, limits the Greater Daemon to charge the Wracks, while in the mean time his minions are eliminated by the Grey Hunters hiding in cover of the ruined building. He’s looking lonely.

The Dark Eldar Archon refuses to make a challenge and instead lets his poor witchling champion stand before the fury of a Chaos Lord. Many tales will be told, of how he dissected her, slashing her four times with the warp infused weapon. In the resulting duel, it is clear that the 2+ inv. save of the Archon may prove too difficult to overcome, especially since the Lord’s remaining terminators are dead to the Archon and his bodyguard numbers 5 Wyches, granting him a reroll in the challenge of titans. On a foot note can be said that the relief force of the terminators never make it. The 7 Berzerkers are run over by jet bikes, and subsequently charged by 10 Wyches.

09 charge of the lone wolf

The Wulfen fighting the Raptors is now free to make a charge on the second squad of Chaos Marines, but is gunned down rather violently in his attempt to charge.

12 Death of the Daemon

Turn 4.

Disaster befalls the Great Enemy as both his champions are sent back to the Warp.
The Greater Daemon is destroyed by a Wolf Guard pack leader, who will no doubt aspire to a seat on his Wolf Lord’s council. The Dark Eldar Archon rips apart the Chaos Lord, but only after making 7 saves in a row.
As their champions die, the remaining Reapers fall back to fight another day.

Meget lærerigt. 6th Ed. er meget anderledes end 5th ed. Det er helt tydeligt at mærke forskellen på hvordan wound allocationen hænger sammen. 2+ Armour Saves på en unit bliver ret almindeligt, og skydning kommer til at være håbløst ineffektivt mod infanteri i denne udgave af 40K.


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