Tylpr the Badtempered

big, brutal and foul mouthed


Wolf guard Battle Leader in Harald Deathwolf’s great company.
Won the victory at Spamburger Hill


Large, even for astartes standards, this space marine has seen several centuries of combat and still lives to tell the accounts. Rumored, among his fellowed astartes, to be too stubborn to ever die.
Survivor from the first war of Armageddon, he has earned several laurels, before joining the esteemed rank of Wolf Guard, he is granted the right to bear the holy and ancient suits of tactical dreadnought armor into combat.

Due to solar flares his drop pod was delayed in the battle for Spamburger Hill, the drop pod was blasted so badly out of course that he nearly missed the battle. But in the final moments of the otherwise hopeless battle, he landed and charged from his drop pod along with Grey Hunters wreaking havoc on the hated enemy of chaos scum. The opposing champion of Khorne bellowed forth a vile challenge and the two entered into a deadly dance, from which only one would exit alive. The champion charged him but he deflected all his attacks with his mighty storm shield and pounded all life out of his enemy and howled out his victory. No longer tied up in single combat, he charged the rest of the Berzerkers. Within moments he had slewn several Khorne berserkers and a nearby chaos biker as well, winning the day for the Imperium.

Tylpr the Badtempered

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