Ramses of the Ptolemaic dynasty

WS BS S T W I A LD Sv Points Value
4 4 5 5 3 2 3 10 2+/3++ 185

Unit type: Infantry

Warlord Trait: Strategic Genius

Wargear: Phase Shifter, resurrection orb, semptiternal weave, staff of light

Special rules: Ever living, Independent character, reanimation protocols, Adaptive tactics, Counter tactics, Phased reinforcements.

¤¤¤ Revivification process 23 % completed ¤¤¤

From the west, the forces of traitors, followers of weak gods, have been killing any last survivors of the planets inhabitants. Although fighting for two different gods and agendas, their combined invasion had already taken one third of the planet.

¤¤¤ Revivification process 52 % completed ¤¤¤

From the south, the first wave of biospores crushing on the planet’s surface, had transformed into an unstoppable assault of countless mindless creatures that had spearheaded the planet all the way up to the boundaries of the Bronze Mountains.

¤¤¤ Revivification process 79 % completed ¤¤¤

From the east, a new but powerful power in the galaxy had made a bridge landing. Scattering their forces thin, the fools fought for the essence of the Greater Good.

¤¤¤ Revivification process 93 % completed ¤¤¤

In the center, the capital of the planets inhabitants had fallen to the hands of ancient and cruel enemies. Once a proud race and civilization – now victims to their own arrogance and self-preservation.

The Cryptek’s eyes slowly drifted from the panel and faced the great throne in the center of the pyramid shaped room. Avoiding eye contact, the cryptek spoke with a cold, primeval voice.
-Revivification process completed. This section of the Tomb world is at your command my king.
With a small nod the figure sitting on the throne acknowledged the message.
-We need more power to be able to revive more sections of our Tomb world. We will have to engage and recapture more of our power stations.
- Don’t tell me what to do cryptek, don’t forget who you are addressing to. The figure on the throne spoke with a powerful, ancient voice that demanded obedience and respect above all.
- They will get the warning all of our enemies get, a warning that our code of honor and rules of engagement demands of us to give.
The cryptek bent his head.
– Forgive me my king. But these insects on the surface that stupidly fight each other to conquer our world deserve nothing. They invaded and build upon our Tombs, destroyed many of our stasis crypts, damaging our Dolmen Gates….. They deserve nothing but a cold death.

-Silence! The figure on the throne stood on his feet. Yellow eyes burned with unending, undying energy. Powerful and dread, the king raised his arm. –Send the message as I requested… do it now!

-Yes, my king. The cryptek pushed a button on his staff and instantaneously a small swarm of canoptek spiders appeared out of the cryptek’s staff and like living drops of metal dripped on the floor and disappeared in the darkness of the small corridor leaving the hall.
– The message is sent my King.

- Good cryptek. The figure nodded. With a light move of his finger the king touched the golden sphere on his thrones small panel. Now his voice would be heard in all of the stasis crypts, buried inside his tomb.

The stasis crypts contained millions of metal skeletons, ancient chariots, mechanoids spiders, whraiths, scythes and unimaginable powerful engines of destruction.
- Arise! Arise my legions. Your beloved king requests your obedience. The time of re-conquest is now! Reclaim this planet in the name of your king: Ramses. Arise for the glory of our dynasty, the Ptolemaic dynasty that is destined to rule the stars!

- Cryptek!
- Yes my king.
- Awaken the destroyers, awaken the overlords and awaken….. my brother.

The cryptek was caught by surprise, fear could be senced in his eyes.

-Your Brother, my King? But… he can’t be controlled my King. His will and mind are broken.
- Do as I command Cryptek… My will is strong enough for both of us. I can control him. Our foes shall taste the true taste of fear and defeat by his hand. His mind might be lost forever but his skills in the arts of war are unmatchable.
The cryptek bowed his head and then left the king’s hall.

- Imtohep! Where are you? Stand before me! Ramses eyes searched the hall for his beloved champion.
- I am right here my King. A huge figure of living metal appeared. The kings champion was as tall as the King, red eyes glowing with ancient wisdom, his armor silver and gold, in his hand he hold a great warscythe of immense power.
-What is your wish my king? The huge figure bowed his head and went down to one knee.
- Imtohep! A great campaign is about to begin. Our foes are many and we are still not at full power. Our Tomb world will not be fully functional before many conquests and sacrifices are made. I trust you will not disappoint me.
- Your wish is my command, my King. We will not fail. Imtohep rose to his feet. His grasp around his warscythe tightened. He bowed his head one last time before he too left the royal hall.

Ramses sat on his throne and with another light touch on his panel the planet’s surface came to view. He sat there for a while and watched as his enemies fought each other. Little they knew, he thought, of what is going to happen. The warning message was sent and received. They were granted one solar month to remove all traces of their presence. If they failed to accept this generous offer the legions of his tomb world would conclude these negotiations. They were advised not to mistake this honorable warning as lack of resolve.

Ramses of the Ptolemaic dynasty

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