The Pontifex Campaign

The Orks arrive

orks vs Dark Eldar

Orks VS. Dark Eldar 2000 pts (GF regler)

Turn 1
The orks position their troops, while the Killkannon and Deffguns coverfire gives the dark eldar a hard time, scoring several glancing hits. The kans and boys proved that, giving a rokkit to Killa kans or orks (BS2), dosnĀ“t necessary make it dangerous :)
The Dark Eldar positioned thier troops delivering rather ineffective fire towards the orks.

turn 2
A lot of moving and shooting :)
The most remarkable thing happening was when 10 Dark Eldar embarked a building… not realizing the Battlewagon with 9 Burnas, was going to make the building an unhealthy place to bee.
Besides that, the Dark Eldar successfully placed their portal, and summoned a humongolus and lots of jet bikes, who would make short process of the orks.
The Dark Eldar plane zoomed over the field bringing death to the ork killkannon Battlewagon, and thereby the cover for 7 lootas :(

turn 3
More shooting and moving
The ork Dakkajet roamed the sky dogfighting the Dark Eldar to 1 hp, making it run for cover afterwards. The ork lootas bringing more death to Dark Eldar transporters, sadly beeing the only effective part of the ork wave.

Turn 4
The ork Warboss charged onto a Dark Elar tank, sending it to the ground, pounding it to an exploding wreck, killing several Dark Eldars on board, and some surrounding orks. This action costed his life when the Dark Eldar had the chance to return the favor, with fire…
Dark Eldar otherwise using their turn balancing a dice… very unique party trick, but a hard way to roll a 6

Turn 5
Not many orks back, but among the ones left, 8 burnas was ready to end the witches misery :) Although this turn cleaned up more orks than Dark Eldar. A quick dogfight though, took out the Dark Eldar jet, leaving the sky for the orks to roam.

Turn 6
The draw
We decided this to have been a great practice game ending 3-3 in victory points



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