The Pontifex Campaign

An Uneasy Alliance

Chaos vs Dark Eldar & Space Wolves 1600 points

01 tur 1 sw

Turn 1.

The Space Wolves assault by drop pod with a squad of Grey Hunters and a Wolf Guard Terminator and in a lucky and forgetful strike, disable the Nurgle Sorcerer attached to the raptor squad, causing 3 wounds, all inv. saves fail and Look Out Sir is forgotten.

Worry not. He will return to see action again. The Raptors also charge bravely in and the Grey Hunter squad is reduced to a mere 2 members as concentrated fire from a space marine squad and the Raptors down the Wolf Guard Terminator and 2 Grey Hunters, and the subsequent charge kill a single Hunter.

The rest of the turn is pretty uneventful, as the range in darkness is considerably lower for the Chaos Space Marines and the Space Wolves.

02 tur 1 chaos

03 tur 2 sw

Turn 2.

The fragile alliance starts to consolidate its advantage as all reserves move unto the battlefield. The Raptors and the remaining Grey Hunters battlle it out, but with the Wulfen Hunter on the prowl, he destroys the Raptors with 12 attacks against the 3 Raptors remaining. They lose another member of their squad and lose the combat with the enraged Wulfen. (Foul heresy to allow such mutations within the Imperium.)
04 tur 2 de
Jet Bikes and Skimmer Transporters are a welcome sight as the Space Wolves are meeting heavy resistance from the Predator Tank and his attached squad of Havocs. They fail to do any damage to the Chaos Panzer however, and the return fire is narrowly dodged as both las cannon sponsons seek contact.

The Havocs fare better as they down a raider, holding the Warlord Archon and kill several of his bodyguard of Wyches.

05 tur 2 chaos

The Reapers also gain their reinforcements, all of them deep striking. The Lord of Chaos Undivided should probably have brought a whip instead of his two handed Daemon Sword, since his terminator squad wasted their shots with both a combimelta and a reaper autocannnon, only causing a single glancing wound. A Greater Daemon of Khorne and 6 Lesser Daemons arrive in front of the main Space Wolf advance, but the assault grinds to a halt, as the Greater Daemon is unable to make contact with his charge.

Turn 3.

The Dark Eldar swiftly take advantage of the failed charge and assault survivors of the Chaos Marine squad holding the right flank with a unit of Wracks. The resultant consolidation move, limits the Greater Daemon to charge the Wracks, while in the mean time his minions are eliminated by the Grey Hunters hiding in cover of the ruined building. He’s looking lonely.

The Dark Eldar Archon refuses to make a challenge and instead lets his poor witchling champion stand before the fury of a Chaos Lord. Many tales will be told, of how he dissected her, slashing her four times with the warp infused weapon. In the resulting duel, it is clear that the 2+ inv. save of the Archon may prove too difficult to overcome, especially since the Lord’s remaining terminators are dead to the Archon and his bodyguard numbers 5 Wyches, granting him a reroll in the challenge of titans. On a foot note can be said that the relief force of the terminators never make it. The 7 Berzerkers are run over by jet bikes, and subsequently charged by 10 Wyches.

09 charge of the lone wolf

The Wulfen fighting the Raptors is now free to make a charge on the second squad of Chaos Marines, but is gunned down rather violently in his attempt to charge.

12 Death of the Daemon

Turn 4.

Disaster befalls the Great Enemy as both his champions are sent back to the Warp.
The Greater Daemon is destroyed by a Wolf Guard pack leader, who will no doubt aspire to a seat on his Wolf Lord’s council. The Dark Eldar Archon rips apart the Chaos Lord, but only after making 7 saves in a row.
As their champions die, the remaining Reapers fall back to fight another day.

Meget lærerigt. 6th Ed. er meget anderledes end 5th ed. Det er helt tydeligt at mærke forskellen på hvordan wound allocationen hænger sammen. 2+ Armour Saves på en unit bliver ret almindeligt, og skydning kommer til at være håbløst ineffektivt mod infanteri i denne udgave af 40K.



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